「Ramen being」中華そば 福笑門 チャーハンセット

-- スポンサーリンク --

Season is changing to autumn,
but I’m still the same.
There is the demon who whisper that
it’s okay as you are,
another demon who whisper that
how long will you stay ?
The thinly stretched wheat is
sunk in the salty soup.
What do you eat Ramen for ?
Whats mean to eat Ramen ?
The public may laugh at me stupid.

Yummy yummy,
chicken bouillon thats common.
Scoop scoop,
clear and simple soy sauce soup.
Nice scent blows through my nose,
like some Chinese spice.

The noodles smell good of wheat,
thinly sliced but many roast pork,
and classic Menma is crunchy,

Soft and flaky,
Fried rice is comfortable to chew.
but so black and strong soy sauce.
Cheap and thrills,
but shell does not peel off well.

Theres nothing special to mention,
but made me think that
I would come again.

When I went outside,
the sky was clear and
pleasant wind was blowing.
Ramen is ramen,
nothing more, nothing less.

【お店】中華そば 福笑門
【メニュー】チャーハンセット(小) 1,000円

– – – – – – – – – –
AAA 大満足!絶対おすすめ
AA 満足!超おすすめ
A おすすめ
B 可もなく不可もなく
C 人によってはおすすめしない
D おすすめしない

-- スポンサーリンク --


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